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How to strengthen the security of a front door?

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security of a front door

The 3-point lock can equip a PVC entrance door as well as an aluminum, wooden or steel model. When it comes to protecting a home, we often think of the benefits of remote monitoring . However, we must not neglect the front door which is one of the best defenses against intrusions.

The 3-point lock on the wall

The locking system is installed on the door, so it is completely visible. It can be installed on doors less than 20 years old. The IZI by EDF account managers can very easily tell you if your entrance door is strong enough to support the weight of this installation. It is the preferred solution for renovating and securing the front door of a dwelling or premises. We must also not forget the streamlined lock which takes up the principle of the applied lock, but whose rod is concealed in a vertical beam.

The 3-point recessed lock

The mechanism is thus integrated into the door. More discreet, it is also more difficult to install, since it requires a certain door thickness. Changing a 3-point front door lock is also trickier, since the locking system is less accessible. In this category, we find mortise (or mortise) locks with classic or toggle bolts operating like a latch.

Insurance companies all have different requirements in terms of securing a home. However, it seems that the installation of a 3-point lock for the front door becomes a minimum to ensure support in the event of a break-in. This is particularly the case in large cities or in certain neighborhoods.

The advantages of the 3-point entry lock

A 3-point front door lock inevitably improves the security of its interior. It can also be enhanced with several options that offer even more effective protection:

The anti-drill barrel

Some crooks are very well equipped. Some 3-point locks are thus equipped with a protection system against drill bits. The latter then turn in a vacuum and the lock thus remains impossible to open.

To ensure that a 3-point entry door lock will deliver on all its promises, it is important to check its A2P certification. An A2P* certified lock guarantees resistance for 5 minutes. The A2P** certification ensures an intermediate level of 10 minutes and the A2P*** label a maximum burglary resistance of at least 15 minutes.

Changing a 3-point lock: a mission for a professional

As with all broken locks , 3-point models must be changed as soon as possible in the event of damage. In order for them to retain their anti-intrusion qualities, it is recommended to call on a professional. Indeed, for a wall-mounted or built-in model, the techniques to be used require the expertise of a locksmith. It is also the best way to ensure perfect operation of your equipment and full compliance with your insurance contract. Depending on the model, it takes between 2 and 4 hours to change the lock on a 3-point front door. Once there, your locksmith will proceed as follows:

Remove the old lock

For more comfort, your professional can unhinge the door and then work on trestles. Before being able to replace the damaged lock, he will have to dismantle the handles, their plates and the square that connects everything. He will also have to dismantle the installation of the lock located in the door dial if this part has been damaged. Once this operation is complete, all he has to do is remove the screw on the edge of the door before turning the key in the cylinder to recover the lock cylinder. He can then unscrew the last screws that held the 3-point lock in place. She can then be released.

Change the 3-point lock

Calling on a locksmith allows you to ensure that the 3-point lock chosen to replace your old equipment will be perfectly compatible with your cylinder. Indeed, if it has not been broken, this will allow you to keep the same keys. If you are replacing your lock because you lost one of your keys or it was stolen from you, this option is excluded. To finalize the installation of the new locking system, your locksmith will repeat each of the operations carried out during dismantling, but in reverse. Once this is complete, he will ensure that each element is perfectly aligned and that your new lock works smoothly.

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