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The modular house

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modular house

Most people are unaware, but there are two types of manufactured home builders. The one that offers houses delivered in modules, like Maison Usinex, and the one that offers houses delivered in kit form. These two machined construction options are often confused, but they turn out to be completely different.

The modular house

A modular or modular house is a construction previously designed in the factory. These are modules that will be delivered and installed in less than a day on the foundations of the house. Some work is required on the customer’s property before and after installation (excavation, foundations, plumbing and electricity).

Do you want to better understand the process of installing a modular house? Here is an explanatory video of the house leaving the factory, until its installation on its foundations.

Acquiring a house sold in modules is a wise choice if you are looking for support at each stage of the construction process . Since the company takes care of about 80% of the project, you won’t have to coordinate as many contractors as for self-construction .

Also, this option is an excellent choice for a quick completion of your project since the factory design requires between 3 and 5 days only. In total, upon approval of the plan, your house should be ready in 6 to 8 weeks. In addition, the construction is carried out in the factory. This means that it is protected from the weather, and therefore construction and delivery times are guaranteed.

The kit house

Unlike a house sold in modules, a house sold as a kit (also known as a ready-to-assemble construction) is not a house that is almost finished when it is delivered.

This is a house delivered in spare parts. It then requires construction on site by yourself, by the company or by hiring a contractor.

To give you an idea of ​​the process of building a kit house, here is a short video from a French company.

It is important to understand that the price displayed at kit home sellers only includes the materials assembled at the factory. In addition to the preparation of the ground (excavation and foundations), it will also be necessary to put a lot of effort into its construction and to call on several contributors to assemble these pieces together.

The main advantage of a house sold as a kit lies in the self-construction of this one in order to save money. However, make sure you have the skills, physical strength and time to build your home.

On the contrary, since the salary of construction workers is around $75 per hour, if the work is not done by you, the total amount of construction of your house will be much higher than the prices put of the before.

In other words, unless you do the work yourself, a kit house company will be significantly more expensive compared to a modular house company that offers houses that are practically complete and installed on delivery.

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