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How to choose the right windows?

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right windows

Choosing your windows is a project that requires a minimum of thought. Which materials to choose? PVC, Aluminium, Mixed (PVC interior, aluminum exterior, wood interior, aluminum exterior, etc.), what type of glazing should you choose? there are so many combinations that we are sure you will find what you are looking for.

The choice of material will be made according to your project:

PVC is one of the most common materials and is often less expensive. It is easy to maintain and provides excellent insulation. But beware, this type of material is unsuitable for large format windows.

Aluminum is a lightweight material, very strong and easy to handle. However, when this material is used, it must be associated with thermal bridge break systems. The use of this device makes it possible to reduce heat leaks thanks to the installation of an interposition of an insulating element between the inside and the outside of the building.

The mixed windows (wood, aluminium) inside, present the wood side, warm, elegant and bright. And on the outside, the aluminum side provides great resistance to weather and UV. For the thermal performance side, you benefit not only from the natural thermal and acoustic insulation of wood, but in addition from the air gaps of the aluminum cowling. Result: wood-aluminum windows are generally far superior to PVC or aluminum joinery in terms of insulation.

The choice of glazing:

The choice is made according to the orientation of the room and the geographical area. If your accommodation is located in the city center, we recommend double glazing to avoid noise pollution as much as possible.

The choice of types of openings:

The French opening: the leaves open towards the interior of the house, this is the most classic way of opening.

The tilt and turn opening: it is the same principle as the French opening but we add the possibility of tilting a pan.

The sliding opening , function like the bay windows that the operation of the bay windows, this type of opening is often used for the kitchen windows.

The sliding pocket opening means that the panels slide into the partitions which leads to a large opening.

The ideal casement opening for high windows (generally used for the basement).

Mistakes not to make before buying your windows:

Choose your windows only according to aesthetics , certainly this remains important but one of the things to take into account considerably is the thermal transmission coefficient; The sound insulation coefficient should also be taken into consideration.

Buy the same windows everywhere: no, because each room is different , so you have to make the choice according to its geographical exposure, the size of the room, etc.

The windows must also be chosen according to the facade (decoration of the house, color of the front door or the garage door, etc.)

The choice of glazing can change from one room to another, it can be different for a room facing the street, for example, where double glazing is recommended, than for a room facing the garden.

Neglecting the pose is something very dangerous. These are qualified people who must come to carry out this step. A poorly fitted window will cause you to lose heat.

Why choose Axel Closures for your work?

A reactive after-sales service dedicated solely to Axel Closures customers will be at your disposal if necessary.

Axel Closures works with FenétréA, a Breton company specializing in windows, doors and shutters, and with the AMCC company, which has numerous labels and certifications in terms of safety for their products.

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