May 28, 2024

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Mark Roemer Oakland Provides You with Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, similar to kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling can take its toll on homeowners, especially in this market. From high costs to unmet deadlines and a lot of frustration, things can get very tiring. Let’s check out a few bathroom remodeling ideas.

The Ideas

1. Use similar-looking materials that cost less

Refurbishing existing materials is the most cost-effective way of making the bathroom look better. However, if you must swap out materials, look for low-cost alternatives that look the same as the real thing. For instance, while wood plank flooring looks excellent, it also costs a lot, and maintaining it is a frustrating and tiring process.

Instead, you can choose vinyl flooring that looks almost identical to wood plank flooring. Plank vinyl doesn’t just look the same but feels almost the same as wood plank flooring. It’s also much more durable. Similarly, engineered quartz looks and feels identical to the real thing while costing less and being highly durable.

2. Refinish the tub

Complete replacement of your bathtub should always be the last option. Just prying it out from the floor and the walls and replacing it with something made from a more premium material can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Instead, consider refinishing or relining the bathtub.

Minor cracks and yellowing can be easily fixed on a budget. Similar to bathtubs, replacing shower liners is way more expensive than you may think. It requires professional installation and isn’t a permanent fix either. Instead, refinishing or refurbishing them is a more cost-effective alternative.

3. Paint the cabinets and add new hardware

New cabinets aren’t cheap. Moreover, most bathroom cabinets are designed to last a decade or two. So, you may not even need to replace the cabinets. To give them a new look, consider painting or staining them to give them a new look and change the hardware accordingly. However, you’ll need to be careful while choosing new hardware. You need to make sure that the screw alignments on the cabinet match the new hardware to avoid unnecessary frustration.

4. Sink faucet

Similar to changing the hardware on old cabinets, upgrading the sink faucet instead of replacing the sink is a smarter alternative. Your sink can look and feel brand new by just changing the faucet. Moreover, you can do it yourself. Sink faucets are fast and easy to install and don’t require the help of a plumber.

5. Install a wainscot board

For covering up the lower half of the bathroom walls, you can use a wainscot. Wainscot is an easy-to-install material that doesn’t require the help of professionals. It is a pre-fabricated board that can reach as high as 4 feet and eliminates the need for patching up dings and holes in the wall.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you use the remodeling ideas mentioned here or use them as inspiration to come up with your own. Thinking out of the box may stretch the timeline, but it can lead you to discover more economical and smarter plans.

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