April 14, 2024

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Top 10 household appliances that consume too much!

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Monitoring your electricity consumption is not easy every day ! And we completely understand that you have other priorities. But, if you are curious to take a closer look at what is happening in your home, let us tell you about your devices  that consume too much and the solutions you can adopt. If you don’t know them very well yet, let us introduce you to the 10 appliances in your home that love your electricity

Identify the electricity offer that will save you the most

#1  the kettle.

Like coffee lovers, tea consumers mostly use a kettle! So let’s also adopt a zen attitude by unplugging our machine more regularly!

#2: the coffee maker

Enjoying a good coffee in the morning has become a pleasure that also consumes a little! Don’t panic, nothing to do with your oven, but its consumption still allows it to enter our top 10.

#3: the microwave

Sold in more than 2 million copies,  90% of French people own a microwave , it is the  real star of the kitchen! An alternative to the oven that takes up space, the microwave oven has found its place in your nest by offering (almost) the same services as your traditional oven.

#4: TV/Box

To you lovers of films, series of all kinds, caution! By leaving your devices on standby, boxes and TVs represent an “invisible” yet significant expense!

#5: the washing machine

Make way for nudism! 😛 So, even if everyone is free to wear what they want, you have to be careful! And yes, used intensively, your washing machine can very quickly cost you dearly. Both water and electricity.

#6: the dishwasher

We find again a device that turns out to be essential in many homes. Large consumer of water and electricity, it nevertheless allows significant savings to be made compared to manual washing up (about 8000L of water saved/year).

#7: fridge and freezer

Above all necessary for the preservation of your food.   The refrigerator is a big consumer of energy. This is mainly due to its standby use. Indeed, it is one of the devices that we can only unplug occasionally.

#8: dryers .

A real way to save time, this device has managed to establish itself as an essential in many of our homes and yet it ranks third for the device that consumes the most. Of the three dryer models, the most common is the classic condenser dryer.

#9: cooking plates

Practical but big consumers. By spending more than 5 hours in the kitchen per week, it is important for you to equip yourself well! Of the three types of hobs (induction, ceramic and electric), induction hobs are the most common in France.

#10: the oven

First place goes to the oven! Sunday cook or real pastry chef, watch out for your oven! Your oven is the appliance that consumes the most energy in your home.

We all use devices of this type, there is no right or wrong use. The idea is just to inform you and help you better understand your electricity bill and how your different uses can more or less influence its amount! So if you are satisfied with this article, don’t hesitate to take a look at our blog, there are still plenty of tips that will no doubt be able to answer your questions!

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