June 16, 2024

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More and more people are aware of environmental protection. Thus, with the zero waste movement and especially minimalism, the popularity of tiny houses and micro dwellings continues to grow. Ergonomic and economical, these tiny houses allow you to adopt a simple way of life and reduce your ecological footprint. The tiny houses are ingeniously furnished to ensure the comfort of the inhabitants, even in a reduced living space.

What is a tiny house?

First of all, to be considered a tiny house or a micro dwelling, such a residence must have an area of ​​less than 1000 square feet. Mobile, fixed or transportable, these small dwellings are generally built with the same materials as traditional houses and share a similar architecture. Their interior is however designed to optimize the use of each space.

The advantages of tiny houses and tiny houses

But why so much interest in these reduced-area dwellings? What fun is there in living in smaller? Aren’t we running out of space in such dwellings? What explains their popularity? Indeed, these questions often come up when we talk about micro-dwellings! Let’s explore them together.

Tiny houses save on electricity and heating due to their small size! In addition, the time devoted to maintenance (cleaning, maintenance, interior and exterior repairs, etc.) is considerably reduced. Under these conditions, you have more time to travel, to practice your hobbies, to play sports, to be with your loved ones… in short, to enjoy life!

Reduced environmental impact

Due to its reduced size, a micro-dwelling requires fewer materials for its construction, less energy for its heating and fewer resources for its maintenance. It is therefore ecological in all respects!

Factory-built homes from Maison Usinex: an ecological choice

All new constructions of Maison Usinex are signed Climate Innovation . This means that we offer quality materials that exceed industry standards, Energy Star triple-glazed windows and doors that reduce air infiltration. Designed to withstand our Quebec winters, wooden structures also have a very low environmental impact. We take great care to recycle all unused materials.

Thus, our microhomes are more energy efficient than ever . Our homes even surpass the industry standards established by Novoclimat . Energy consumption for heating, air conditioning and ventilation is therefore greatly reduced!

A minimalist lifestyle

A micro-housing requires you to significantly reduce your possessions. No more objects that accumulate dust and impulse purchases! You can now live with the essentials by choosing the goods that are really important to you

Did you know that by living in a micro-dwelling, you will own only 10% of what you would own in a regular-sized house? It may seem restrictive, but those who experience it say they feel lighter, even liberated! Since you have less space, you significantly reduce your consumption of goods, furniture and clothing. Once again, you will realize substantial savings. Think about it: a decrease in expenses could even give you the possibility of working less!

This new way of life is within your reach! Realize significant savings while leaving aside the hours of maintenance as well as the purchase of non-essential objects. Thanks to your new clean environment, go about your favorite occupations with complete peace of mind!

Tiny houses at Maison Usinex

Maison Usinex offers four tiny houses of different sizes and styles. So adapt your lifestyle to your needs by making a choice that suits you! Discover our models :

Buying a micro-home means opting for a simple, economical, but above all ecological way of life. If this ideal corresponds to your values, do not hesitate to contact us to start your construction project!

And if you’re wondering why opt for a manufactured micro-home, check out our blog post .

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